Active Shooter Training

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Protect Your Employees – Protect Your Business

active-gun-shooterAn active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.  This individual could be a former or current employee or an associate of a former or current employee.

Most attackers have no history of prior violent or criminal behavior.  Motivation for these attacks may vary and the situation generally concludes within fifteen minutes.

You must be mentally and physically prepared to deal with an active shooter situation.  Remember You Are A Target!

What We Do

Knowing potential indicators, having employees trained, and protocols in place for an active shooter event can save lives.  Norred & Associates, Inc. can help you take action now to address the risk of an active shooter.

We offer a thorough training class given by top Law Enforcement professionals.  The concepts and techniques taught will give your employees the confidence needed to survive a life or death situation.

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