Emergency Management Planning

In order to help ensure the continuity of our business and the services we provide to our clients, the following measures have been put in place:  Norred & Associates has hand selected certain members of our staff who have specific backgrounds as either prior military, law enforcement, or positions in the medical field.  These highly trained officers comprise our Disaster Response Team (DRT).  In addition to the knowledge, training and experience these officers bring to the table, Norred & Associates puts these officers through additional Response to Incident, CPE & AED, and Use of Force training.  These team members receive quarterly “refresher” training.  We can have at least two response officers on scene within an hour of an incident occurring, and can be fully implemented within three hours.

Our Resources:

Norred & Associates realizes that in order for our staff to properly respond so that business continuity is as seamless as possible, we will need equipment for a variety of situations.  We have at our disposal, a Mobile Command Unit, Generators, Water Supply, MRE’s, and a corporate helicopter.   To help ensure that we have a constant avenue of communication, we have Satellite Phones and Two-Way Radios available to our staff and clients.