Executive Protection

Personal Protection When You Need It Most

Norred & Associates providing executive protection services to Dr. Ben Carson

For more than 30 years, Norred & Associates has provided protection both at home and abroad for one of the most high-profile and valued of company assets including senior executives. In addition, many celebrities, whether traveling in hostile environments or merely appearing with large crowds, have also benefited from our protection.

Relying on our approach of personal security escorts rather than “just bodyguards,” Norred personnel blend in with the crowd. Our people dress for the situation and possess a business acumen that allows our clients to easily conduct their affairs while we remain in close contact. From our advance work – mapping both travel courses and routes to the closest hospitals and arranging hotel accommodations – to the monitoring of crowd control.  Our professionals can handle any safety or security situation.

To further ensure the safety of our clients, Norred offers consulting services as well as aerial transportation.


executive-protection-during-election“We went on a big world-wind tour last weekend – Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo, Erie and Harrisburg – and we just had a great time. We actually had some security threats before we went on this tour. There is a great group of guys, some friends of Ollie’s, they are Norred & Associates out of Atlanta, Georgia. They stayed with us the whole time, and they were unbelievable.”

Sean Hannity
The Sean Hannity Show
November 5, 2004