Pre-Employment Screening

Protecting Your Bottom Line

One of the first security firms in the nation to offer pre-employment screening investigations on prospective employees, Norred & Associates helps you guard against the unknown to reduce losses, improve productivity and protect yourself against the hazards of negligent hiring claims. Benefits to clients include:

  • Reductions in internal theft and losses
  • Higher worker productivity, including fewer absences and discipline problems
  • Better overall employee morale and performance
  • Reductions in turnover, cutting training and rehiring costs
  • Reductions in insurance costs, particularly workers’ compensation claims


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Since no “standard” background check exists, we can tailor our pre-employment investigation to fit a company and its requirements. Norred’s investigations may include:

  • Criminal History Search – A search of criminal records on either a state or county wide level to determine if the subject has had arrests or convictions.  All states or counties require a signed release (see consumer authorization form) from the requestor.  The State of Georgia, through GCIC, automatically gives fugitive and registered sex offender information nationwide and may be added on to any background package.  County criminal records are available for any state in the United States.  Turnaround time will vary from state to state; please call for specific states.
  • Nationwide Criminal Search – A Database search of all 50 states (limited information in some).  This includes upper level misdemeanors and felony convictions, Department of Correction records, and Sex Offender Registry Information. A search through the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) is also included and provides a search through National Extraditable Wants and Warrants.  Please allow 24-36 business hours.
  • Federal Criminal Search – A nationwide search of Federal court records to determine if an individual has been convicted of a federal crime.  Please allow 24-36 hours for search results.
  • Credit History – This checks the subject’s financial credit records and payment patterns.  Also contains public records information such as litigation, judgments, liens, etc, as provided by TransUnion.  Prior to use, each new company must be authorized through TransUnion and a site visit conducted to ensure compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting act.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for initial approval.  After approval, please allow 24-36 business hours for search results.
  • Social Searches – The Address Information Management report verifies the validity, gives the state, approximate year of issue, previous addresses and possible phone numbers associated with a social security number, as well as the name, or names, of anyone who has used it.  This information is obtained from public records such as court records, phone listings etc.  This service may be required as an add-on for specific Criminal searches in order to determine prior counties or states which may have been lived in.  Please allow 24-36 business hours.
  • Employment History – Verifies an individual’s work history for the previous five years or with three previous employers.  We are unable to verify international employment at this time.  Please allow up to 1 week turnaround time.
  • Education Verifications – This check verifies any schooling or college degrees listed by the applicant.  Please allow up to 1 week turnaround time with the exception of GEDs which may take up to two and incur extra fees depending on the state.  We are unable to verify international education at this time.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – This determines the validity of an individual’s drivers’ license and indicates previous traffic citations.  Availability will vary from state to state but typically range from 3 years to 7 years.  The report provided is for the state of issue only and may not indicate driving information from previous license’s held.
  • Drug Screen – We use a 10 Panel Drug Screen from LabCorp which test for Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Methadone, Methaqualone, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene and Cannabinoids.  This consists of a urine sample to determine the presence of any of these substances, from either illegal use or prescription medication.  While the test may be taken at any LabCorp location and no appointment is necessary, individuals must first be registered by Norred & Associates prior to taking the test.  Results are typically received two to three days after the test has been taken.

If you would like to learn more about requesting these services online, please fill out our online form below or you may contact us at:

Local Phone: 404-761-5058
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-962-6363.