Uniformed Security

Protecting You and Your Reputation

uniformed-security-guard-in-storeBecause of the visibility that our security officers have in your organization, it is essential that the officers represent both the client and Norred & Associates in a highly professional manner with a reassuring presence that instills trust in you and your employees. This includes not only having a neat appearance and good attitude, but also being well trained and familiar with the client’s requirements, as well as special preparations, such as anti-terrorism training.

Norred’s Operational Plan helps ensure success at your office or facility. It is a proven method devised from countless hours of on-the-job experience, yet it is flexible enough to adapt to your particular situation.

In addition, we are very careful about whom we allow to wear the Norred uniform. From the initial recruitment of a prospective employee to final evaluations, we conduct an extensive screening of those applicants that we feel meet our high standards.

All applicants considered for employment undergo a full background investigation, which includes driving record, employment history, drug testing and criminal history. To reward and retain those that meet our standards, we offer one of the most competitive benefit packages in the industry.