Protect Your Organization Against Workplace Violence

Nobody likes to talk about the subject, but workplace violence is a growing problem today. You’ve probably seen the frequent news stories about the mass shootings in schools and the workplace. An angry terminated employee could be a threat to your organization’s management and employees.

Norred & Associates has trained 1000’s of organizations on mitigating workplace violence.  Our client training courses will help your organization identify the different types of workplace violence from criminal intent to customer/client to worker-on-worker to ideological. By taking our client training courses, you will be able to identify workplace violence red flags and possibly save 100’s of people’s lives.

We offer training opportunities to your organization’s management and employees such as the following (but are not limited to):

Active Shooter Training

Knowing potential indicators, having employees trained, and protocols in place for an active shooter event can save lives. Norred & Associates, Inc. can help you take action to address the risk of an active shooter. Our Active Shooter seminars are designed to create awareness in the workplace. All of Norred’s Instructors are Law Enforcement Certified and have received training at the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center (ALERRT) at Texas State University. ALERRT which provides the most up-to-date research based Active Shooter training in the nation.

We provide Instructor led seminars as well as situational break out sessions with our instructor teaching hands-on techniques while the audience plays out different scenarios. The concepts and techniques taught will give your employees the confidence needed to survive a life or death situation.

Workplace Violence Prevention

We will work with you to isolate flaws in your prevention of workplace violence and to mitigate violence in the workplace. We customize policies and procedures to address your particular business and develop a comprehensive training approach.

Our certified instructors will:

  • teach you on the many forms workplace violence can take
  • show you how to spot and report concerning behaviors
  • recognize potential workplace violence indicators that can help prevent workplace violence
  • show you what to do in the event of an extreme violence situation

Personal Safety

Norred’s certified Instructors conduct seminars to increase awareness and help reduce your chances of being a victim of violent crime. Our seminars include instruction on personal protection and situational awareness to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to avoid dangerous situations.

Travel Safety & Security Awareness Training

Our instructors conduct seminars regarding safety while traveling either in the United States or abroad. Our Travel Safety training teaches individuals how to recognize and avoid problems that might arise while traveling.

CPR Certification

Norred has multiple Instructors certified through the Red Cross to teach CPR to your management team.

Don’t Be a Victim of Workplace Violence

Workplace violence can occur at any time. Educating your organization about and protecting your people is one of the most important steps you can take.