Norred & Associates provides a full range of investigative services to combat employee fraud or theft, substance abuse (drugs or alcohol), workers’ compensation fraud, as well as any other improper employee activity in the workplace. We conduct investigations nationwide, and our services are customized to fit the needs of our clients.

Depending on the situation, we use a variety of methodologies:

  • Undercover operatives
  • Covert cameras
  • Interviews and fact-finding
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Surveillance
  • Public records and document searches

Our Corporate Fraud Investigations team is comprised of:

  • Former Law Enforcement Officers
  • Ex-Military Officers who worked in the Criminal Investigations Division
  • Forensic Accountants

Why Use Norred Instead of Just Doing the Investigation In-House?

Norred brings in a 100 percent unbiased and objective Corporate Investigations team. We only follow the facts. We give unbiased interviews to the people suspected of fraud, and we typically get high confession rates (about 98 to 99 percent). Due to the fact that most people are non-confrontational, getting the accused to confess to business theft or fraud is a skill that is best suited for an experienced investigator.

Litigation Support from Filing to Verdict

When an investigation is complete, Norred will make recommendations for next steps. If our investigation uncovers the need for civil or criminal prosecution or fidelity bond claims, we will act as your agent, facilitating the entire legal process from court filings to presenting evidence to expert testimony. We can also develop fraud prevention and other in-house programs to minimize losses.

* Norred & Associates, Inc. does not conduct investigations in the state of New York.