Jason Moore

Zone Manager/Quality Control

Start Year: 2015

Jason Moore began working at Norred in 2015. He previously worked as the Houston Branch Manager in which he oversaw the execution of the City of Houston Security Contract.
In 2018 Jason In his current position at Norred he oversees the day to day operations for the state of Florida as well as oversees the Quality Control for all Uniformed Security Operations.

An Air Force War Veteran he fulfilled his enlistment stationed in South Korea and Germany, and after his honorable discharge he continued working for the Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan as a civilian contractor from 2008 – 2014. During that time, working as a Security Operations Supervisor and Security Site Manager, he led a multicultural, multinational group of security professionals from USA, Kenya, India, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Sierra Leone.

Jason received his Associates Degree from Grantham University and his Microsoft Technology Associate from My Computer Career.